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Identify API

Discover facilities at a geographic location

Location Search API

Find any locations in Hong Kong by addresses, building names, place names or facility names

Search Nearby API

Find the facilities located within 1 km of a geographic location

Topographic Map API

Standard topographic map tile service

Imagery Map API

Imagery map tile service

Map Label API

Place name labels tile service

Lot Index API

Private lots, Government Land Allocations (GLAs) and Short-Term Tenancies (STTs) data service

Vector Map API

Vector map tile service

Vector Map Label API

Vector map place name labels tile service

Land Parcel and Public Utility Number Search API

Find locations using Land Parcel Number, Public Utility Number, Building Common Spatial Unit ID (Building CSUID), Lot Common Spatial Unit ID (Lot CSUID) and Property Reference Number (PRN)