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Location Search API

Location Search API provides HTTP-based API for application developers to find any locations in Hong Kong by addresses, building names, place names or facility names
URL Format:[version]/locationSearch?q=[value]
Example URL:
Query Parameters
  • [version] specifies the version number of this API, which is currently "v1.0.0". Notes: The version number may be updated in the future. Old version will be removed at any time without notice. Please check this page to get the list of supported version and update your application(s) accordingly.
  • "q" specifies the input string to search, such as addresses, building names, place names or facility names.
The data will be returned in JSON format.
Status Codes
This API uses the standard HTTP status code to indicate the status of the API request.

Status Code Description
200 OK
400 Bad Request.  e.g. invalid query parameters
500 Internal Server Error
Build a Query URL
Description Value
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