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1 - What is CSDI and CSDI Portal?

CSDI is an initiative of the HKSAR Government supporting the Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong released by the Innovation, Technology and Industry Bureau. According to the consultancy study on Smart City Blueprint for Hong Kong in 2017, an effective CSDI framework should cover policy and institutional framework, data governance model, data and technical standards, data technologies and applications, and a sustainable resource model.

CSDI Portal is an entry point of CSDI which enables users to discover, share, access and use of spatial data contributing from different B/Ds and public organization. The Portal is riding on government cloud-based infrastructure and aims to develop a scalable and secured common sharing platform of spatial data across government departments and public.

2 - What is the objective of CSDI Portal?

The objective of CSDI Portal is to facilitate effective exchange of quality and up-to-date spatial information and services for government agencies as well as businesses/ professionals, academics and the public community in the long run.

3 - What can I do in the Portal?

The concept of being “common” is key in the identification of data and processing services for inclusion on CSDI. Data and services to be included onto CSDI should be useful to different government agencies/stakeholders rather than one single agency/stakeholder. The following are some key functions the Portal can provide:

  • Contextualized search/query of datasets;
  • Publishing of spatial data and metadata;
  • Download service of spatial data;
  • Geo-spatial Web services and
  • Metadata catalogue service (CSW).

Spatial data and the metadata for all available spatial data are stored in the CSDI Portal under an aligned standard to enable quick access and easy discovery. These spatial data are standardized and provided in machine readable formats so as to facilitate data interoperability. Data specifications and API services are also available from the CSDI Portal.

4 - What can I do with a registered account in the Portal?

With a registered account, user can set their preferred display language in their User Profile. Personalized functions will also be provided in the future to those who have registered in CSDI Portals, that include but not limited to saving “My Favourite” dataset(s) and GeoRSS feed that will automatically notify subscribed data users when metadata records matching their specific interests.

5 - How can I obtain technical support?

If you need any technical support, please feel free to contact us via the following means:

You may also leave your feedback and/or suggestions of the CSDI Portal. Please click “Contact Us” at the footer and complete the form.